Artiteq has been a specialist in flexible and professional hanging systems since 1995. The use of these hanging systems fits perfectly in sustainable building management strategies. The one-time investment in hanging systems yields many long-term benefits for you. For example, ease of use and flexibility in the safe hanging and easy changing of pictures, wall decorations and presentations. Another huge benefit of the system is that you will no longer damage walls within your building.  Artiteq is your partner for hanging systems that form part of your interior projects.


Many satisfied users of the Artiteq hanging systems can be found in the education, care and hospitality sectors, plus at galleries and museums, to name but a few. Our innovative hanging systems are also used in offices. Whether you wish to hang pictures or display documents or drawings on the wall, Artiteq has the perfect system.

  • Education
  • Care
  • Offices
  • Galleries and Museums


Artiteq in education

The design of the walls changes regularly in education. Classes full of children, resulting in a mountain of beautiful decorations for all walls. The most ideal solution is the Artiteq Info Rail for displaying drawings and other documents on the wall in an organised manner. Many schools already use this useful hanging system in classrooms and corridors within the school building.  As well as the Info Rail, Artiteq also provides solutions for schools in the form of flexible picture hanging systems, allowing objects to be hung on the walls in a flexible and sustainable way. After all, particularly in the education sector, objects hanging on the wall tend to change frequently!  Artiteq also supplies schools with notice boards, glassboards, whiteboards and Bulletin Boards.

Used products:
1: Info Rail
2: Perlon Twister
3: Display - It


Artiteq in the care sector

In new build or renovation projects, Artiteq offers several solutions that fit in with the thinking behind sustainable building management; wall– and ceiling systems or integrated systems. A wall and ceiling picture hanging system satisfies the requirement to have flexibility when hanging objects on the walls and also the requirement not to damage walls. Especially in the care sector, where residents often change rooms regularly, these hanging systems are a good solution. Products like Info Rail also offer many advantages. The integrated hanging systems can be integrated at the same time that walls or ceilings are installed. Choosing integrated hanging systems offers significant long-term benefits to the end user: ease of use, flexibility and no damaged walls.

Used products:
Click Rail - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Info Rail - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems


Artiteq in offices

Using picture hanging systems when fitting out offices means helping users and end users to think through solutions. Offering ease of use and flexibility when hanging objects on the walls after completion of a new building or following a renovation, is appreciated. Furthermore, walls are not damaged, even when wall decorations are changed frequently. Artiteq also helps to provide presentation media, such as whiteboards, notice boards and glassboards and helps customers to think through tailor-made solutions. You can also contact Artiteq about hanging objects on partition walls, in open spaces or about the provision of whiteboard films for interior projects.

Used products:
1: Click Rail
2: Display - It
Click Rail - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems
Display-It Economy Set - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Galleries and museums

Artiteq in galleries & museums

Hanging works of art securely and also being able to change these works easily and quickly is one of the requirements of museums and galleries. Picture hanging systems offer the solution: flexibility, ease of use and no damaged walls in the long term. As well as the assurance that works of art and other wall decorations can be hung securely, the systems offer a professional method of presentation. For rooms with walls and/or ceilings which may not or cannot be drilled into, Artiteq has solutions in the form of partition wall hooks and other solo hanging systems.

Used products:
1: Click Rail
Click Rail - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Click Rail Pro - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Why choose Artiteq flexible picture hanging systems?

You decide where to hang a picture or frame, at what height and for what time period. With the Artiteq flexible picture hanging systems you are always flexible in decorating your walls: change or move your frames as often as you like! After the one time installation of the rail you can hang your pictures in no time.


hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily


one-time installation against the ceiling


hang and move around without damaging the wall


for pictures and other wall decorations