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How do I prevent frames from tilting forward?

You can mark out the holes by using the Click&Connect feature as a template. The clips are designed such that the screws can be inserted diagonally up to a 10° angle, after which the rail can be mounted to the ceiling. If this angle is too small or if you would like to drill at a straighter angle, we recommend that you use a longer drill or a special drill with a compact head.

> Click Rail drill instruction

What is the lifespan of the hanging wires?

Can the hanging wires also be used outdoors?

Steel wire can be used outdoors, but because of the strain placed on the wires from other sources (for example, the wind), this can increase the total strain considerably. Our systems are designed for indoor use only. Perlon is not recommended for outdoor use, because of the (more extreme) impact of moisture and UV light. When less of a strain is placed on the wires and when these are replaced regularly, the system could be used outdoors in certain cases, however we advise against this and will not provide any guarantees to this end.
How do I select the correct shipping method?

When ordering longer picture rails (over 2m long) please select the correct shipping option. Artiteq uses Mainfreight Home Delivery for shipping your long length parcel.
For rails up to 2m and the various Artiteq accessories, you can select the Standard Parcel option. Please note the extra charge for Rural delivery in your area.