Up Rail

Up Rail


      The Up Rail is the leading ceiling rail par excellence; the rail is especially suitable when used in combination with concrete. The picture hanging system is clicked into place using clips (3 clips each meter) which are attached to the ceiling. The beautiful rounded shape of the rail fills the space between the wall and ceiling, therefore the picture hanging system is discrete and unobtrusive. The maximum load capacity of 20 kg/m makes the Up Rail a solid and reliable hanging system.

      The Up Rail has a white, primed finish: the hanging rail can be painted in any preferred colour (for example, in the colour of the wall or ceiling). The Twister hanging wires can be clicked anywhere along the rail. If a ceiling mounting is required, for example if the walls may not be damaged or because it is not possible to attach a rail to the walls, the Up Rail is the ideal solution for flexible adornment of the walls.

      Installation of the Up Rail is easy and can be done in just a few steps using the Click & Connect clips.

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