Artiteq in the care sector

In new build or renovation projects, Artiteq offers several solutions that fit in with the thinking behind sustainable building management; wall– and ceiling systems or integrated systems. A wall and ceiling picture hanging system satisfies the requirement to have flexibility when hanging objects on the walls and also the requirement not to damage walls. Especially in the care sector, where residents often change rooms regularly, these hanging systems are a good solution. Products like Info Rail also offer many advantages. The integrated hanging systems can be integrated at the same time that walls or ceilings are installed. Choosing integrated hanging systems offers significant long-term benefits to the end user: ease of use, flexibility and no damaged walls.

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Intergrated Picture Hanging Systems

Artiteq In The Care Sector

For building and renovation projects, Artiteq developed 4 different built-in picture hanging systems. The Art Strip and Ceiling Strip are ceiling rails that are integrated when installing recessed ceilings. A picture hanging system will be available throughout the entire space, giving you a flexible way to decorate the walls without using any tools.

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Hanging System Between Plasterboard Walls And Ceiling Panels

Artiteq In The Care Sector

The Shadowline rails are to be integrated in combination with drywall ceilings and walls. They enable the placement of an invisible picture hanging system between plasterboard walls and ceiling panels. A shadowline is the only element that appears between the wall and the ceiling, there where the flexible picture hanging system is hidden. Using the Shadowline ceiling systems means you will always have a guarentee if smooth, clean walls and the flexibility to decorate them any way you like, without the need for tools.

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