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Steel Solid SliderSteel Solid SliderSteel Solid Slider


Some people prefer to attach the hanging wire with slider via the sideof the rail, and to accommodate this preference, Artiteq developed theSolid Slider system that is available for perlon and 2 mm steel wire.The hanging wire may be freely slid into the hanging rail, yet may notbe removed from the rail as easily. Hanging wires with the Solid Slidermechanism are available in lengths of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 en 500 cm.

1.8mm 1.5m1.8mm 2m1.8mm 2.5m1.8mm 3m

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Hanging Wires

Stopper Set for use with slanting walls

The hanging wires with Solid Slider have a thickness of 2mm and are available in steel wire or transparent perlon.

A slanted stop system is available for slanted walls. This system makes it possible to use a flexible picture hanging system even with slanted walls, for example in a staircase.


hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily


one-time installation against the ceiling


hang and move around without damaging the wall


for pictures and other wall decorations

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