20 kg MicroGrip Lock Hook - Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems
20 kg MicroGrip Lock Hook20 kg MicroGrip Lock Hook

A new generation of hooks


The Micro Grip represents the newest generation of hooks. A high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass was chosen for this hook, leading to a 70% reduction in the use of materials compared with previous generations of hooks. In addition to the ecological advantages, the hook is extremely lightweight as a result, and very easy to use. The Micro Grip technology has been developed and patented by Artiteq.

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The Micro Grip hooks are available in 3 different models: Micro Grip 1mm, Micro Grip 2 mm and Micro Grip Lock 2 mm. The Micro Grip 1 mm hookis compatible with the Twister 1 mm hanging wires. For Micro Grip 2 mmand Micro Grip Lock 2 mm, all Twister 2 mm, Twister Cliq2Fix 2 mm andSolid Slider 2 mm hanging wires can be used.

To guarantee thequality of the Micro Grip hooks, Artiteq has developed quality assuranceprocedures together with TÜV Nederland. The execution is undersupervision of TÜV Nederland.

Instruction Video

How to use

Click here for the Micro Grip instruction manual.


hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily


one-time installation against the ceiling


hang and move around without damaging the wall


for pictures and other wall decorations

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